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When Do My Ticket(s) Arrive?

Tickets for football events are generally released by the clubs only in the week leading up to the match. Suppliers try to get all tickets dispatched as soon as possible, and you are advised by email when they are sent.

Deliveries also depend on the format of the ticket. These can either be regular physical tickets or in most cases, tickets tend to be released by the clubs in an electronic configuration. The most common ticket formats nowadays are either PDF files or Mobile Tickets.

In both cases, specific instructions are always emailed to the buyer depending on their ticket selection.


PDF Tickets

PDF tickets are usually sent out 24/48 hrs prior to the event date for our customers to print at home at their own convenience.


Mobile Tickets

Mobile Tickets are usually transferred 24/48 hrs before the match and, depending on the club or federation responsible to release them, our customers may be required to download an application in order to receive them and present them at the stadium gates.


Paper Tickets

Paper Tickets - we try to get all tickets dispatched within 3-5 days prior to the event and you are advised by email when they are sent. Once receiving notification of dispatch, you can expect them the following day for UK deliveries